Welcome to Classical Dance Studio.

Classical Dance Studio (CDS) is a dance school that combines both the rich tradition of ballet and Spanish dance with modern practices regarding fitness, creativity and education.

At CDS we aim to cultivate lifelong participation and interest in dance, to develop the potential of students and to expose students to all aspects of dance training.

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Classical Ballet


What is Ballet?

Ballet is one of the oldest, codified forms of Western dance that originated in the Italian courts of the 15th century. This art form was further developed in France which resulted in the use of French terminology that persists till today. Ballet also reached significant peaks in its development in Denmark, Russia, Britain and America over the centuries.

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Spanish Dance

Spanish Dance

What is Spanish Classical Dance?

Spanish classical dance (also known as the bolero) is rather like ballet performed with castanets. Like ballet, Spanish classical dance was developed in the royal court of Spain and featured virtuoso dancing and complex castanet rhythms. Spanish classical dance is not as well known as flamenco but it still forms a vital part of Spain's leading dance company, the Ballet Nacional de Espaňa.

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