At Classical Dance Studio, we offer dance syllabus from the British Ballet Organization and Instituto de la Danza Española (Spanish Dance Institute).

British Ballet Organization

Brisith Ballet Organisation

The British Ballet Organization (BBO) ballet syllabus covers every aspect of the classical ballet tradition and ballet technique and integrates this with the style and energy of modern day ballet choreography.

Emphasis is placed on musicality and movement from the earliest through to the highest grades. The syllabus is taught with both the recreational and career dancer in mind.

BBO has an internationally recognised syllabus that offers Pre Syllabus up to Grade 8 and Majors as well as CDET (Council for Dance Education and Training, UK) teacher training. The syllabus is examinable and can be taught to students from age 4 through to adults.

The BBO syllabus is recognised by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority in Britain (QCA/OFQUAL), Wales (ACCAC) and Northern Ireland (CCEA).

Instituto de la Danza Española (Spanish Dance Institute)

Brisith Ballet Organisation

The syllabus of the Instituto de la Danza Española (IDE) encompasses all aspects of Spanish dance, which include regional dances, classical Spanish dance and flamenco.

The Spanish Dance Institute was founded by renowned dancer Deanna Blacher-Cohn, who is also one of the few castanet virtuosos in the world.

This is an examinable syllabus and is internationally recognised. The syllabus accepts students from age 8 to adults.