Our Instructors


Ms Chua is a teacher with over 20 years teaching experience in both Western Australia and Singapore. She is a certified teacher with the British Ballet Organization and Instituto de la Danza Española (Spanish Dance Institute). She is also registered with the People's Association and Ministry of Education in Singapore.

Ms Chua has trained children and adults from Pre Syllabus through to Majors and teaching levels in ballet. She has taught children and adults character dance, Spanish dance and body-conditioning techniques.

Ms Chua has led Classical Dance Studio (CDS) in Singapore since 2000. In 2008 she began a programme to train selected students as teachers for the school.

That same year, she also started a research project to look into improving teaching methodology in dance education. The first paper from that research was accepted for presentation at the PBL 2010 International Conference in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Assistant Teachers


Jocelyn first started ballet classes at Crestar when she was six years old. She stopped attending ballet classes after Grade Two but found that she really missed dancing. She started dancing again with Classical Dance Studio and discovered that ballet is not just about dancing but also about discovering how your body works!

Jocelyn was in Chinese Dance when she was in secondary school and this played a big part in helping her to improve in ballet. When Jocelyn started to assist in teaching the Pre Syllabus class, she realised that teaching is not as easy as it appears to be. Although Jocelyn did not feel very confident about her abilities when she started, her confidence has grown over time and she has developed useful teaching skills.


Louisa has been dancing ballet since she was in primary school. For her, the studio is like a second home; a safe haven for her to dance, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Louisa wants to teach because she wants to share what the studio has given her with the children she works with. She also takes pride in watching these children develop in their technique and in other areas as well. Louisa enjoys being a "Jie Jie" to the children as she feels this helps her to develop into a responsible and mature person.


Grace has danced since she was six and dancing is very much and integral part of her life. The past ten years, has seen Grace develop not just through her skills and techniques in classical ballet, by also in her interest for dance. It is this indescribable passion that pushes her onwards to improve herself wherever possible.

Grace first started teaching as she thought the experience would help her when she entered the workforce. However, this has been superseded by the smiles of the children she works with and the improvement they have shown over time. The improvement in their technique and willingness to work gives Grace a sense of achievement she rarely feels elsewhere.

Teaching has taught Grace the importance of patience and has also brought her back to the basics in dance. Her passion for dance and the unforgettable feeling of achievement motivates Grace to continue on this teaching path to find the purpose it may hold for her life.